Your Donations Help CMC


The Christian Medical Clinic (CMC) of Grand Lake Inc. has been filling a gap in our community’s health care system by promoting the health and well-being of those who are unemployed, disabled or ill, or not eligible for Medicare or Medicaid, and often representing ‘all they have’ for medical care.

A Community Blessing

  Former CMC Administrator, Nancy Flowers, giving a patient one of the diabetes testing kits.

Recently, the CMC requested special funds to provide glucose meters and testing strips to select patients who cannot afford to purchase them. These additional funds are needed as current monies are utilized for prescription medications, and the fulfillment of the clinic’s larger mission. Of the clinic’s approximately 800 active clients, 1/3 to 1/2 suffer diabetes—300-400 individuals—and roughly 95% are from Delaware County. At least once a week the clinic sees a patient who needs a meter and strips; and they are an ongoing cost to the patient, as proper blood glucose testing is critical to managing this chronic and life-shortening disease.

With so many brands of glucose meters on the market varying in price from $9.00 to $50.00, and the testing strips costing from $9.00 to $70.00 per bottle of 50, the cost to patients is easily prohibitive. To complicate the issue, ‘strips’ must be purchased separately and are specific to the brand of meter—cannot be used in multiple meters—so patients may have a meter, but be unable to purchase the ‘strips’ to go with it.

The Grove chapter of Rotary International, with its 165 community-based philanthropic members, stepped up to the ‘giving’ plate to the tune of $4,500, reported 20-year Rotarian and chairman of its charitable giving committee, Carolyn Williams. And INTEGRIS Grove Hospital Foundation donated more than $6,000. “We know that in contributing to the clinic we’re making the most impact; they will make the monies work for the most patients,” said hospital Foundation chairman Becky Rutter. “There will be nothing wasted!”.