Welcome to the Christian Medical Clinic Of Grand Lake (CMC)

The CMC is organized to serve those who have need of health care but are unable to pay for private medical care or are not eligible for services provided through employer or government programs.

Founded July 12th, 2001, the Christian Medical Clinic of Grand Lake Inc. (CMC) has been filling a gap in our community’s health care system by promoting the health and well-being of those who are unemployed, disabled or ill, or not eligible for Medicare or Medicaid, and often representing ‘all they have’ for medical care. The clinic offers a safe, caring, and professional atmosphere for those in need of health care and spiritual care as well. CMC partners with INTEGRIS Grove Hospital, local medical professionals, churches and pastors, the business community, local agencies, and many others to provide a beautiful and effective example of a community caring for its own, placing ‘service above self’.

Barbara Goist-Marsolek and Pat Sorrels are the CMC administrators and serves alongside the numerous other community medical, administrative, and spiritual volunteers, meeting weekly at the east entrace of Grove’s First Baptist Church.

The Christian Medical Clinic operates entirely on donations from the community. To contribute time or monies please contact Barbara Goist-Marsolek or Pat Sorrels at cmc_grove@swbell.net or (918) 787-5191.