Primary Care Services Provided


  Pharmacy staff: (LR) Pat Sorrels (pharmacy Administrator) Joann Terveer, and Donna Cole.

Spiritual support
      Christian counseling      
      Pastoral counseling

      Health screening
      Health interviews
      Physician evaluation
      Referrals to specialists when needed.
      Laboratory Testing
      Radiology procedures

      Basic dental services, two times per month      
          (extractions primarily).

Chiropractic services

Medications (formulary-based prescriptions).
         Narcotics are not distributed, nor will prescriptions
         for them be written.
     Access to pharmaceutical assistance programs.
     Prescriptions for non-formulary medications.

Other Services Provided
      Educational materials
      Misc. durable equipment items (walkers, crutches, pulmonary medication delivery systems, dressing supplies, etc.).
      Evening meal

Patient Materials (PDFs)

Patient hand-out describing services and responsibilities; Application for Eligibility; Referral Form which shows that patient has no health care coverage and does not qualify for commercial, private or government health care plans.